About “A Letter to Heaven, Part 1” – ‘The Loss’

A Letter to Heaven, Part 1 “The Loss”, by Reverend Dennel B Tyon, covers the first seven years after the sudden death of her only sister, LeDon.  It chronicles Dennel’s struggle to accept her sister’s passing and to keep her faith in spite of it – in fact, it demonstrates how her faith has grown because of it. God touched Dennel in a way that is hard to express in words; so the journaling and letters that she actually wrote to her sister after her death depict her spiritual journey throughout this, and coming, novels.

This is a tribute to a beautiful woman that did not get to be on this earth for very long, but who touched so many lives and left them better for it in her short time here.  It is a gift to Dennel’s two nephews, who had to grow up without their mother… in the hope that they can come to know her through it. Ultimately, though, it is a celebration of our Creator; He who gives, and takes away.  Life is so precious and few acknowledge that as much as they should.  It is Dennel’s hope that others can find comfort in her words, encouragement to love, and peace with their existence, understanding that we are not in control but that there is One who is.

However, this book is not only for believers… it is for those who question faith, who seek answers and don’t know where to find them; and for those who doubt everything, question everything and desire an understanding of this strange existence.  *Dennel’s only intention is to inspire, uplift and enlighten her readers by inviting them to share her experiences, both physical and spiritual.

Dennel is NOT religious by any means, in fact, quite the opposite.  She believes in evolution, and reincarnation and believes that there is an intellegent energy in charge of it all.  The last chapter is written specifically, ‘to the skeptics’ in the hope that they will at least consider what she has to say.

“Many events took place during the evolution of this book, both personally and on a global scale; one chapter is devoted to September 11, 2001, as it was a major turning point in many lives and greatly impacted my decision to become an ordained minister.  I invite you to walk with me, through the years 1996 – 2002 and see how much of my life you recognize as your own.” ~Dennel

**NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  This book will be the first of a projected four-part series; “The Loss”, “The Struggle,””The Acceptance” and “The Journey.”  Part 2, “The Struggle,” was published by January 5th, 2018 (LeDon’s birth day; she would have been 55 now).  Part 3, will be published at some point in 2019 or 2020, and Part 4… well, it won’t even be completely written until January of 2024.  (I had only planned a 3-pt series, but Part 3 ended with LeDon’s first born son in prison, so I couldn’t leave it there.)  I’m hoping the next six years brings us a happy ending!

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