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Living with Terrorism

  4-22-2018 A Ryder rental van ran over 25 people in Toronto today. Shoes and hats lie scattered on the ground from the 9 dead and 16 injured in this incident. The area is taped off and being investigated now. The van still sits on the sidewalk as they look for the driver; one person … Continue reading Living with Terrorism

This Is the Way I Brush My Teeth

This Is the Way I Brush My Teeth is a fully-illustrated, fun-to-read, toothbrushing instruction manual for children; written in prose to make listening and reading more enjoyable, this storybook provides details for proper brushing techniques to help children develop healthy oral cleaning habits that will last them a lifetime! PURCHASE THIS BOOK at Xlibris:┬áThis is … Continue reading This Is the Way I Brush My Teeth